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The word 'Kovia' derives from the Inuit Eskimo word 'Koviashuvik' which means, "Living in the present moment with quiet joy and contentment."

About Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin specializes in discovering the unique angle of a company or product. Combining creative flair with technical know-how, he produces and shoots award winning dynamic marketing material at a reasonable cost.

Clients include CNN, ESPN, NBC, The History Channel, DirectTV, A&E, RealTV, PBS and more.

Tom Laughlin with Sony cigar cam

In this picture he is placing a Sony cigar cam in a stock car to record on-board footage of a legally blind driver racing against other blind drivers with the help of a sighted guide. The project was produced at the Lions Club annual night of fund raising stock car races and was for the corporate training world on the subject of teamwork and trust.


Recognitions for Kovia Productions and Tom Laughlin include:

Category: Sales & Marketing
Client: American Champion Aircraft--Rochester, Wisconsin

1999-Philo--Chicago ITVA
Category: Budget Production
Client: Geneva Vans--Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Category: Sales & Marketing
Client: Geneva Vans--Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

1997--Gavel Award from the Wisconsin State Bar Association
Category: Exemplary Service to Viewers
For: Wisconsin PBS story on "How To Adopt a Child"

1997--Media Recognition Award from the American Cancer Society
For: Wisconsin PBS story on Prostate Cancer


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