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The word 'Kovia' derives from the Inuit Eskimo word 'Koviashuvik' which means, "Living in the present moment with quiet joy and contentment."

Video Clips

Take a look at some brief clips of various Tom Laughlin/Kovia Productions projects.
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Click Here for Wisconsin Association of Lakes Video Clip
Click Here for Wisconsin Association of Lakes Video Clip

Clip #1
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A lot of people love old barns and this program is the first in what Tom plans to be a series on the subject. "Getting the first one done is the hardest...", he said "...and with that done and being so successful I'm now working on "Barns of the Midwest". I want to just keep on going across the country---there are many marvelous barn stories out there.".

Clip #2
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Click Here for Wisconsin Association of Lakes Video Clip

After the success of the first old barns program Tom was able to follow up with a second show, "American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands". Again completed with the editing help of Wisconsin Public Television the program tries to motivate those with old barns to save them if at all possible and offers insights on how to proceed and who to talk to about it all. The effort to spark a national series about our old barns continues while the search for an appropriate sponsor goes on.
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Click Here for Wisconsin Association of Lakes Video Clip

Currently airing on Wisconsin, Twin Cities and Chicago PBS stations, Kovia Productions produced a series of 3-minute fillers to aid the Wisconsin Association of Lakes with its outreach needs.
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Click here for Geneva Vans Video Clip

With little budget and a looming deadline, Geneva Vans was thrilled to have Tom Laughlin make their products, "...look like a million---the tape was great!", Bob O'Neil--VP Sales--Geneva Vans Telly Award--Philo Award---
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Click here for  American Champion Aircraft Video

"Shooting this project was absolutely the best!", says Tom. "I spent most of the Summer of 2001 upside down in airplanes and loving it!". Telly Award--Sales and Marketing category.
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Click here for Bob Dylan Video Clip

"This guy actually grew up with Bob Dylan and had a cassette tape of him and Bob jamming in his basement in high school---wow---!!"
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Click here for Historical Documentary Video Clip

"I've always had a fascination with small town history and was really satisfied with this script. It stands as an excellent example of my writing skills and saw air in many PBS markets around the country. It also did quite well in classrooms and senior centers...", says Tom, "...and viewers can look for a much bigger national budget history project to hit sometime in the coming year."
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